Your horoscope is like your own personal

mandala or power drawing

Unique astrological insights into your character

Find out about your friends and lovers …

Check in on the things that really matter to you

How compatible are they?

Find out about your soul mate

Find out what is most important to you … is it attractiveness intelligence, sensitivity, sexiness, humour … and many more …  all individually presented in graph format, eg


Find out about yourself

What is your romantic signature and experience of the erotic?

More graphs that paint a very different and unique personal picture

The challenges in your life that you keep bumping into

Your individual modus operandi ~ how you think, work and play

Your sun, moon and ascendant signs,  how they drive your life

How your friends and partners really see you

Understand how you think, feel, find meaning, and where you are held back

Identify your strengths and weaknesses, increase your effectiveness

Learn more about your desires, wants, needs and urges

Find out about now

Read your transits and find out what’s going on for your right now

Find the best times to take action

Take charge

    Entertaining and substantial ~ 12 meaningful pages of quality content 




How Many 'Ah hahs' Can you Get into 12 Pages

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